Reflections on the A2Z Challenge

It has only been a week since the A2Z Challenge is over but strangely I feel a considerable time has passed since then. And now all I want to do is let my hair down for sometime as a reward for completing the challenge successfully. Maybe catch up on my reading and spend some time with S before I move back to Bangalore at the end of the month.
As taxing as it was, it will be an understatement to say that I loved being part of it. It was like a team exercise and it was undoubtedly satisfying to be able to complete it. Initially, I did get cold feet worrying if I would be able to complete it at all but I'm glad I embarked on this journey. The fact that I had scheduled my posts in advance did help a lot.

For those who don't blog, the challenge might seem strange. I don't blame them for they don't know how satisfying writing can be. But what surprised me was the skepticism by a small section of bloggers about the challenge. Deriding the intentions of those taking part seemed amusing to them. You see negativity in any form makes me uncomfortable and hence I chose to ignore thinking about it, at-least in April. But since this post is about my experience I just want to get this off my chest. I just want to say that there is more to the A2Z Challenge than getting comments on the blog. It is an experience of writing and connecting and in the process improving as well. Moreover, its exciting to be part of this ride and doing something for which we began blogging in the first place. Writing!

I think everyone who was part of the challenge, those writing and even those supporting, deserve a pat on their backs. And I thank everyone who took time to read my posts in spite of everything else on their plate. The best part was being part of an amazing group of bloggers who stood by each other with the soul purpose of lending a hand when someone was down. It's hard to find that in real life let alone among a group of people who have hardly ever met.

There is no rule of thumb really for being part of any writing challenge. I think we bloggers just decide it on a whim and once we do we try to make the home run. It's addictive, I must say. You can't stop once you start. And it's fun and exhilarating.

So that was my experience stitched into Write Tribe's Wednesday prompt which involves using 6 body part idioms to write a story or a poem or a bit of non-fiction.

Before you go do tell me what you think about such challenges. And if you were part of it this time tell me what you feel in retrospect?

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