Y is for Young

Adel sat on a bench by the River Rhine watching the sun set thinking 'Sixty years has passed since I first set foot in this world but nothing much has changed. People in love still walk by the Rhine hand in hand. Children still hop and jump when left to play in the grassy stretch. There on the left side corner that tree still bears witness to secret caresses. Nothing much has changed Edgar.'

She held in her hand a silver ring which had the words 'Adel-Edgar Forever' engraved. Touching it with her thumb she closed her eyes and could instantly feel her cheeks blush at the mere image of being with Edgar. It was on this bench six decades ago that she had first seen him.

'Remember how we had run into each other' she said speaking to Edgar in her mind 'Everything changed at that moment. We were so happy that I had completely forgotten about the transience of life on earth; that one day you would leave me all alone. And you did. Honey I feel like I'm back on the bench again, on that very day. But I know this time we'll not meet. My Godmother warned me this would happen but I shunned her. I thought I could deal with it but it hurts. There's nothing left for me here anymore. I'm going back today. With you around everyday I felt young but without you this perpetual life of a fairy seems like a bane. I feel cursed. Farewell my love. I'll leave now carrying your memory with me for eternity and when you are reborn I'll be back. Goodbye!'
Y is for feeling Young....and that's the tone of today's tale...

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