W is for Worried

"Why sis?" said Beena throwing her left hand in the air as she continued holding the phone with the right "Why do you have to go to Goa with your friends? It worries me!"

"Oh come'on Sis" urged her younger sister Krishna.

Beena was always protective of Krishna. It was her first job on this planet. Krishna was her baby, her responsibility and she couldn't bear the thought of anything hurting her, anything at all. With India no longer a safe place for a woman, she just dreaded thinking that her little sis would be alone in unfamiliar Goa. Of-course, she couldn't stop her for Krishna had to live her life, learn from her mistakes too. But that didn't stop Beena from trying.

"I'll take you there" she said hoping against hope that Krishna would agree "We'll even stay at the Taj. See I've never been to Goa. We both could have that long pending Sister weekend or week, whatever you want!"

Krishna broke into her trademark giggle at this and said "Oh my dear sis. Relax. I'll be fine. Don't get so worked up. I promise to drink less. I won't go into the water and I won't be out late. Now can you relax?"

Krishna knew that Beena got hyper with anything that had to do with her. They shared a bond that wasn't like others. Krishna knew Beena could even kill for her. And hence she understood her concerns and also knew how to pacify her.

"Hmm..Alright" said Beena even though reluctantly.

"Relax or you'll grow old before time!" said Krishna as they both laughed and went on talking about the handsome guy next door to Krishna.


W is for feeling Worried....and that's the tone of today's tale...

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