U is for Uncanny

Shreya stood at the deck looking at the vast expanse of ocean ahead. The clouds hovering in the distant horizon worried her. Tahir had insisted that they take the cruise out of Sydney in spite of knowing how uncomfortable she was around water bodies. He pressed on the matter saying she should face her fears which she didn't want to. But Tahir was relentless and she couldn't turn him down. So here they were on a ship.

She was scared being in the middle of the ocean with no land mass for miles. On top of that she had this nagging uncanny feeling, this eerie sense that something was about to go wrong.

As she stood there lost in thoughts, Tahir walked up behind her.

"What are you thinking hon?" he asked

"Uh..Nothing.." she said not turning towards him.

"Are you alright?" he asked looking at her with concern.

"Uh huh" she said and slowly lifted her eyes to look into his as she continued "Honey this is it for us. I can't be with a man who forces me to do something against my wish."

"What?" Tahir stared in disbelief.

"You might not be scared of the ocean or of heights. But I am. You loved jumping off the plane but I didn't. But still you made me do that and yet I'm still scared of heights. And see I'm on a ship today but I'm still scared of the ocean. So there. I can't be with you anymore for you push me to the brink of discomfort unnecessarily. It's over."

Tahir kept standing with his mouth wide open in astonishment as she walked away from him hoping for a man who would let her be.
U is for an uncanny feeling....and that's the tone of today's tale...

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