T is for Tired

"I don't want anything" said Meera as she sat on her bed sobbing.

"Why are you crying?" yelled her husband Sudhir standing near their bedroom door. "Why can't you stop complaining? You stay at home all day and then you say you don't have time for yourself?"

Sudhir never understood her, let alone acknowledge the work she did for the family. Meera had given up a well paying job to take care of their two year old son. With that there were Sudhir's parents who made sure Meera never had a moment to herself. She had grown up in a family where her mother, a housewife, was not considered an unpaid maid. But it was all different here. She felt tired of leading this inconsequential life with no respite. Infact, there was no value of her sacrifice, for all that she has done and still continued doing.

For a long time she had been contemplating going back to work but there was always something in the way. And like today, every time she expressed her feelings to Sudhir he shot back with a response that hurt her further. It was always either their son or his parents but not Meera that concerned Sudhir much.

It was crystal clear that her wishes, her aspirations wouldn't matter, if not now then never.

"I can't take it anymore" these words suddenly escaped her lips.

"What was that?" Sudhir asked in disbelief.

Meera looked up and repeated "I can't take it anymore! I can't take it anymore!" She stood and walked up to Sudhir saying "I can't sacrifice anymore. I'm leaving tomorrow. I'll find a job, a maid to take care of our son when I'm away and I'll live my life. I can be a good mother that way too but I'll not deprive myself of my very own life. As much as I respect you and your parents, I can't just be a mode to ease out your lives. Tomorrow I'm leaving Sudhir. Goodnight!"
T is for feeling tired....and that's the tone of today's tale...

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