Sometimes Life...

Ahh life, the perpetual puzzle! With every passing day, every passing year the mystery deepens. The more we peel off it's surface for answers, the more layers it grows. It's a riddle that can't be solved. It's a tic tac toe that always ends in a draw. While on certain days there seems to be light finally at the end of the tunnel, on others it feels like a never ending marathon. Oh dear God what is this conundrum that you wove? Is there any answer at all?
I know, I know I had said in a post a couple of days ago that the answers to a few simple questions could give those much needed shreds of positivity in our lives. But what can I do? I'm just in one of those ranting moods. So let me take a rain check on positivity for today eh? But wait don't go yet! Bear with me as I try to dissect and arrive at a point where the mood swing turns into a good smile. Well almost a good smile?
You must have heard of a puppeteer right? I feel we are all puppeteers in our own right, holding the strings to our families, our loved ones, our jobs and everything and anything we hold dear. We try to spend our whole lives trying to work the strings in such a manner that the play of life transitions smoothly for all around us. But you see what is wrong in this analogy? That we are trying to operate everything, control everything in such a manner that nothing untoward happens. We do so partially due to our selfish need of feeling happy and content. But life doesn't pan out that way. Every string plays out differentlyoccasionally slipping away from our hands. And it at those moments that we sulk, we cry and we rant. Just as I'm doing today!
So with all the threads that we care for pulled in different directions, outside of our control, how do we remain happy? Well I don't really have the answer to that except maybe vent out the frustration in anyway we can. Use the pent up disappointment and channel it towards getting some pending works done. I've already finished an entire week load of laundry taking a cue from this. Another option could be to wear down the distress by ignoring it completely if nothing else works. Or maybe even accept that somethings aren't in our hands and then perhaps try to do away with the frowns. What do you say? I know it's easier said than done. But then a girl's got to try! See I already have a half smile on my lips, just another half to go!
Oh but before you go do tell me how do you deal with a mood swing?
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