R is for Ready

Standing on the ledge Alice could see the blue sparkling waters below.

The rocky walls on three sides and the opening that gave way to the waterfall further down, now all seemed so far away. But by no means were they less formidable.

She knew it was a long way down.

Fear gripped her body, her feet felt numb as she stood there. She knew at any moment if the wind grew strong she could just fall for she seemed to have lost control of her body.

Drops of sweat accumulated on her forehead as she closed her eyes and thought about her husband and her son.

Saying her prayers, she took one last look at the extent of the fall. And then taking a deep breath, she spread her hands wide and took the leap.

With her heart in her mouth, she fell towards the same water body which seemed so far away a moment ago.

The moment was here and in a few seconds it was over too.

With that Alice finally ticked bunjee jumping off her life's to-do list!

R is for feeling Ready....and that's the tone of today's tale...

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