Q is for Queasy

"Dipti you should be more proactive" said her manager as they sat in the meeting room for her appraisal discussion.

But she hardly listened. Dipti knew well the rehearsed dialogues these managers were paid to deliver so she just sat there waiting for the sham of a discussion to get over.

So she played last night's episode of Sherlock in her mind while her boss continued "I agree you have done good work. But what did you do extra? What value did you add to the company?"

For some reason the word value registered in Dipti's mind and her attention returned to the manager.

"Harsh I've got several appreciation mails from the client. What more value do you want?" she blurted out.

But he was a manager and he couldn't give her the edge so he continued "Dipti you have just done what is assigned to you and nothing extra. Weekend work or staying late which you have written in the appraisal form are just part of your job. You already get paid for that. So I can't rate you more."

'My God does he ever stop!' she thought as he continued yapping on the values of an ideal employee.

But there was only so much she could take. His sentences, his voice made her queasy. When he finally asked her again "So what did you give to the company apart from the work you are well paid for?" that's when it happened.

Dipti puked on Harsh for she was already nauseous. For some reason instead of feeling embarrassed she felt happy. So getting up from her seat before leaving Dipti wiped her mouth and said "Take this as my proactive value add to this shitty company! I quit!"
Q is for feeling Queasy....and that's the tone of today's tale...

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