O is for Ostracized

"You killed her" said her best friend Elice as Olivia looked on in disbelief.

"But you know why?" she cried "And I didn't kill anyone. What about me and what I went through?"

"How does that matter? You nipped a life in the bud. That's a sin!"

"And what about my sanity?" Olivia couldn't believe what she was hearing and that too from her best friend. Elice was the only one, her one shoulder to cry. But it looked like she no longer had one.

"You know I can't be seen with you anymore. You are nothing but a murderer who took an innocent life" said Elice as she walked away.

For the first time in years after her parents died Olivia felt alone.

But it was not only the cold shoulder from Elice that made Olivia feel ostracized.

As she walked home she could hear the townspeople whispering "Look this is the girl who had an abortion! How can she even live with herself?"

But wiping her tears she kept walking, head held high.

She knew she wasn't a murderer. She knew she wasn't wrong.

She was raped and brutally beaten up. And so she didn't need a constant reminder of that ordeal in the form of a baby. No, she couldn't have her rapist's baby.

'I'm not wrong Elice one day you'll see it that way, one day everyone will see it that way' thinking Olivia walked away towards her house.
O is for feeling Ostracized....and that's the tone of today's tale...

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