N is for Nauseated

"Oh God I hate this company!" cried Sneha pacing angrily as her husband Dheer looked on knowing there was no use stopping her now. It was better that she took it all out.

"Why doesn't that annoying Scorthy just die?" she literally growled crying.

"We should do this! We should do that! And he should just suck the blood out of all his employees! Oh God this workplace nauseates me Dheer!"

It was then that he walked up to her and hugging her said "Tomorrow you quit my dear".

And with that she finally quietened down. There was no point working in a place that didn't value her contributions.

*** Four months later ***

"Good thing you left your job there" quipped Dheer while watching the Saturday news bullient.

"Why?" asked Sneha looking up from her book "What did they do now?"

"Apart from the mandatory working hours, they have released a software that will record the number of hours employees are on the system and what applications they are using"

"Great! why don't they just program the employees to not live and just work!"

"Haha" laughed Dheer "I think the Indian IT companies will do that very soon due to their lack of respect for employees."

"And if anyone resigns like Scorthy they will say those who put down their papers were not adding value at all" she said "God he makes me sick! Why can't he just disappear!"

"Relax" Dheer said "You don't work there anymore."

"Yes but I do work in another Indian IT company. They are all the same you know"

"Ahh well that is certainly true!" he said "But hey atleast you are not nauseated anymore!"

Sneha smiled wondering if ever anything will change for employees.
N is for feeling nauseated....and that's the tone of today's tale...

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