Meteoric Trips

ABC Wednesday is here again. Time does pass in the blink of an eye, doesn't it? To me it just seems like yesterday that we had begun with A and now look we have reached M so soon. It certainly knows how to fly, this intriguing entity called Time! Anyways, so M for me this week is about Meteoric Trips that I have been taking for the past two weeks.

With the date to return home coming closer everyday, my husband, S, has been on a mission to take me to some of the places in and around Germany. But honestly I'm a lazy traveler. In-fact, I'm basically a lazy person. The thought of waking up early to catch that bus, train or flight to go somewhere is an idea that is not at all appealing to me. So it's really hard for me to pack my bag and go exploring. Of-course, once I reach the place I'm an entirely different person. But the going part always makes me want to not go! 

Still somehow S convinced me for these day trips or rather whirlwind tours to Frankfurt and Berlin at-least. And for that very reason we have been waking up really early and catching the train out of Dusseldorf for the past two consecutive Saturdays. All day long trips these, thankfully gave way to lazy Sundays to soothe my lazy soul. He still wants to take me to Amsterdam though but I've not agreed yet.

But you do see what I mean by Meteoric Trips right? 

So coming to the places I visited. Frankfurt was a nice city but it's more of a business center and not really a tourist destination which is strange because it has one of Europe's busiest airports after Heathrow. Anyways, so we rode on the hop-on hop-off buses for the whole day there, multiple trips around the city. We just alighted in a place or two and then back to the bus again. That pretty much was our sojourn to Frankfurt.

Berlin however, as you probably know, is a city rich in history. So while we took hop-on hop-off buses there too we made sure to alight at every spot. We saw the remnants of the Wall, Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie, Fernsehturm Berlin, Berlin Cathedral, Reichstag Dome, Berlin Victory Column and more. It was good, tiresome to see all in a day but worth it I guess.

So there, that was all about my Meteoric Trips.

I shall share with you some pictures of my trip to Berlin. Hope you enjoy! And yes tell me about your Ms this week too!