M is for Motherly

"She's a bane not a woman" said one.

"Look there goes the woman who thinks too highly of herself to even think about a baby. No wonder her husband left her for another" said the other.

"These days woman take wearing pants too seriously" said the third.

"She'll die alone and then she'll realize not even her career can make up for the child she never had" said the fourth.

Rupa had become used to their jibes and hurting remarks. Every day walking from the society's gate to her apartment she saw people looking at her as if she was the world's most repelling woman. It hurt her but she never reacted. There were times she wanted to run away too but then that wasn't how her father had brought her up. This was her home, her life. Why did she have to leave she often thought.

But she was human after all and it made her wonder. It made her rethink her decision so many times a day that sometimes she avoided coming back home early. Today was no different. The moment Rupa closed the door behind, she began to think. It was like her thoughts were on a loop that played over and over again.

'They said I'll know when I'm ready. But I never really believed them.

I always found children lovable but I never really wanted to have one myself.

I know people judge me but what can I do. Can't a woman decide for herself what she wants?

I did but then Sid didn't take it too well. He left me. I don't blame him. But I had told him before we had got married. He had only smiled then and said that I'd change my mind. When I said no he thought I was being naive. Eventually though he gave up. Yes, I don't blame him.

I'm alright. I can't do something just because the world wants me to. 

I was judged, I'm judged. But just because I don't want to have a child of my own doesn't mean I don't care about children, that I'm a witch! I'm the best aunt to my nieces. What bothers me is that I have to explain myself. Why can I not be a mother and still feel motherly? Why?'
M is for feeling motherly....and that's the tone of today's tale...

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