L is for Loved

A house with white picket fences and bow-windows.

A radiant daughter named Zoe in their arms.

A veranda with two easy chairs where they had morning tea while admiring their very own rose garden.

Chirping birds and butterflies, as if out of a fairy tale, dancing on their front porch.

Barbecue nights with jazz playing in the background and them basking in the moonlight daze.

That's what Eve saw in Kevin's eyes, that's what she envisioned her future as. She felt loved and thus said 'I do!'

When it was Kevin's turn he smiled for in her eyes he saw his future, one that he had waited and worked for five long years.

He saw opportunity and abundance in those hazel colored eyes.

He saw heaps of paper as he looked through her eyes, paper that could buy every luxury in the world. He saw money.

Through his lust cloaked eyes he saw inheritance in his not too distant future.

He saw Eve on the ledge of a cliff just moments before he pushed her to sure death.

He saw a life of excesses and for that he smiled.

He smiled, took Eve's hands in his and said 'I do'.
L is for the emotions of feeling loved and lust....and that's the tone of today's tale...

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