J is for Jealous

"Happy Birthday sweetie" said Hank to his one year old daughter Keya as he handed her a huge teddy bear.

They had gathered around the kitchen table, Hank along with his wife Stella, their two daughters, Keya and Kristie, and their cousins and neighbors.

While everyone was busy kissing and wishing Keya, Kristie,their seven year old, sat quietly on her chair frowning as she thought 'Everyone loves Keya. They have all forgotten me!'

It was then that Stella slowly took out another gift from under the table and called Kristie to her side. Unwilling Kristie walked to her mother thinking that she would now have to give a gift to Keya who according to her had already been showered with way too many gifts.

"Kristie Honey" said Stella "This is for you. Open it!"

Kristie stood surprised but equally quickly she unwrapped the gift to find that it was the same game she had seen in the toy store the other day.

"Mom! Thank You" she said hugging Stella "But it's not my birthday?"

"Oh honey" answered Stella "Doesn't matter. We love you both and can't celebrate one without the other!"

Kristie was so happy that she went on to kiss her little sister and both of them played with their new gifts together.

Stella stood with Hank looking at their daughters whispering "Didn't I tell you she'd be happy? She's 7 after all. It was obvious she would feel threatened by her sibling and feel jealous."

"Well you are always right" said Hank as they walked away leaving the siblings to play together.
J is for feeling Jealous....and that's the tone of today's tale...

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