I for Immoral

"I love you Sophie" said Carl while putting on his clothes. He then extended his hands towards her saying "Come here."

She rose and walked towards him. Then holding his hands she said "I'll miss you, you know. When will I see you next?"

"Me too hon!" said Carl kissing her forehead. "I wish I didn't have to go but I do. You know that?" he continued hugging her tight.

With her eyes closed and her hands hugging him back. sighing she said "Yes".

They stood there for a moment as if two teenagers in love oblivious to the world. But their reverie was interrupted by a ring on Carl's phone. Holding Sophie near his chest Carl answered the call reluctantly.

"Carl here" he said "Yes, she's right here. Hold on a moment" and he handed the phone to Sophie. Holding the phone for a moment too long, Sophie first took a deep breath and then spoke.

"Yes honey" she said "Yes we just finished the meeting. I'l turn on the phone now. See you at home. Bye!"

After hanging up Sophie and Carl looked at each other in silence. It was her husband Mark on the other side. They knew they were in an illicit relationship. Even though they really loved each other it felt immoral.

As if reading each other's thoughts both of them at the same time broke the silence saying 'It's alright! The heart wants what the heart wants!" as they left the hotel of their secret rendezvous to return another day.
I is for feeling Immoral....and that's the tone of today's tale...

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