E is for Emancipated

Diya stood in the kitchen looking at the mess that it was from her sister-in-law's birthday party last night.

She just stood there half awake thinking about the long day ahead, full of cooking and cleaning.

For some reason today she wished to be with her mom, wake up in her own time and be taken care of for a change. It was then that her reverie was broken by a shrill cry "Diya you're late with the tea again!"

It was her mother-in-law and as she looked at the time Diya knew she was in trouble now. But still she answered "Just give me 5 minutes mom" and began washing the cups for tea after setting the water to boil.

As she was hurriedly brewing tea, her sister-in-law Jaya called out to her "Diya where are my ironed clothes? I'm late for college. And where's my breakfast!"

But before she could answer there was another call to her name and this time it was her husband."Diya can't you do one thing right? I told you to iron the white shirt today not the blue one!"

But this time she didn't run out of the kitchen to yield to their demands like other days. For some reason today she felt the urge to shut them all out.

Diya turned off the gas, walked out of the kitchen with the rest of her family yelling from the various rooms and entered her room.

She shut the door behind her which led her husband who was now in the hall to come back yelling as he pounded at the door saying "Open the door. What do you think you are doing? This is not the time for your emotional crap. Go do your work!"

Five minutes and then ten and ultimately an hour passed but there was no response from Diya.

Jaya even speculated Diya committing suicide saying "What if she kills herself? Who will cook for us then?"

As Diya's husband, her sister-in-law and mother-in-law stood anxiously outside the door not worried for Diya's safety but for their unease, the door suddenly flung open and there stood Diya. She was in a jeans, something she hadn't worn ever since marriage as her mother-in-law as against it. She had a suitcase packed. And as she walked out she stopped to face her husband and said "Good bye. This is how far we could go together. Today I get emancipated from this pointless life that I'd been leading with you!"

And then Diya walked out of the door to a life of possibilities to live like she wanted to while her husband and his family looked on.


E is for feeling emancipated....and that's the tone of today's tale...

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