D is for Dejected

"Mom what do you think?" asked Penny while typing the address of the University's Website with a nervous look on her face "Will I make it?"

Her mother Anna stood next to her with a hand on her shoulder as she said "Oh honey don't worry...I'm sure you will...And if for some reason you don't we'll keep trying.Okay? So just check without any fears darling." Anna was as nervous as Penny but she was a mother hence had to hide her anxiety.

Penny sighed and navigated to the results page. She had applied for a prestigious course on Anthropology there and today the results for it's entrance test were out.

"Oh God Please! Please" Penny whispered as she finally keyed in her roll number and clicked on enter. "I'm closing my eyes" she continued as the page began loading "You tell me whatever it is mom!"

While Penny kept praying with her eyes closed, Anna hope for a good result too. She knew that her daughter was a good student but then the course was extremely difficult to get in to even with brilliant recommendations. She waited for a favorable result for Penny's sake. After a few seconds the page finally loaded completely and there it was, the sentence that determined her daughter's next course of action.

As she read each word in the sentence Anna smiled and murmured "Alright then!" which led Penny to call out to her saying "Mom what is it? Is it loaded yet? I didn't make it, did I?"

Anna took a deep breath and now placing both her hands on Penny's shoulders said "Alright...Penny honey we just have to try again next year. It's okay you know."

At this Penny opened her eyes which were by now filled with tears and looked at the screen which read 'We regret to inform that your marks are below the cut-off.' Penny sobbed seeing that for she had really worked hard for it and had truly wanted to go for the course.

Anna knew this was just a temporary setback and that there would certainly be something better in Penny's future. So hugging Penny she said "Oh honey don't cry. It's okay to be disappointed a little but it's just another step. I'm sure you'll get through next year."

"Un huh..." nodded Penny "But it really hurts Mom!"

"Oh dear..it will but that's alright" said Anna as she continued "It only shows how much you want it. It's good that means you'll work for it more. Come now let's go get you some ice-cream" and she took Penny by the arm to the kitchen. There they sat through the entire evening, the mother-daughter duo, eating ice-cream and getting over this temporary dejection to bounce back fresh the next day.


D is for feeling dejected, for feeling dedicated and for desires....and that's the tone of today's tale...

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