C is for Cowardly

"I'm sorry" Arun said with his eyes fixed on the menu at the table "I should have made this clear earlier."

Diya sat looking at him, her eyes red. She didn't say a word as Arun continued "I don't believe in marriage. I really don't."

Arun looked up for a moment and as his eyes met her stern gaze he quickly turned away. "But Diya for what it's worth I really love you. I really do. You are the best girl friend I ever had."

At this something burst inside Diya and she slammed her fist on the table, stood up and spoke as the rest of the people in the restaurant looked on.

"You don't believe in marriage? Really? Why don't you say that you don't have the guts to stand up for what you may want? In-fact, do you even know what you want?"

Arun didn't know what to say except gape at her in confusion.

Diya continued "I'll tell you what you don't have the balls to admit. You can have a girl friend but when it comes down to marriage you will go in for an arranged one. You can't muster the courage to go and talk to your parents about what you actually want in life. Oh and don't you dare say it's due to respect. It's just plain old cowardice! You don't believe in marriage you say? In a year you'll be married to the girl you mother chooses I can bet on it. And that too with a hefty dowry for that's all you are capable of. That's who you are. It was my fault I couldn't see it. You are just one of those pathetic men that India sadly has in abundance. And yes I was definitely the best you could have had ! I hope you rot in hell!" and she walked out of the restaurant placing a 500 rupee note on the table "For your troubles!"

Diya was angry with herself for choosing him. She cried a little and then laughed for having fallen for such a man. She knew her life would be better going forward. There was no point in being with a man who lacked courage and the capability of taking charge of his own life. There was no point crying over a man who would have felt and acted cowardly at every big turn of life.

As she walked home in the chilly winter night she told herself 'What was I thinking? Why did I ever agree to go out with Arun? It makes me so angry but I'll be fine! I'll be fine!" and with that she rubbed the tears of her face and walked ahead towards a better future.


C is for men who act and feel cowardly....and that's the tone of today's tale...

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