B is for Blessed

"Hurry up Jamie" called Ella as she stood at the door, one moment adjusting her jacket while at the other looking up at the stairs.

"Coming Mom.." came the response but there was no sign of her seven year old.

"Jamie" she yelled again "Come down or I'm coming up to get you! You already missed the school bus today!"

That was enough to get Jamie come running downstairs.

"Sorry Mom!" he said as he pulled her hand and blew her a kiss.

"You know honey you can't be late...Now that you missed the school bus I'm going to be late to office too!" she said to Jamie as she locked the door "Not to mention you teacher is going to punish you too!"

"Ahh don't worry Mom...I'll tell them it was all Howie's fault" said Jamie as they walked towards the car.

"Honey I don't think your teacher cares about your invisible friend" said Ella as she started the car "By the way what were you doing up there? I'm going to..." and she stooped without completing her sentence. They were at the turn which lead to Jamie's school and there was a long line of police cars, paramedics and ambulances ahead.

"Mom what happened here?" asked Jamie looking outside the window.

"Don't know honey" she said "You wait in the car..I'll find out" saying she alighted from the car and walked towards the small crowd that had gathered.

"What happened here?" Ella asked a woman standing next to her.

"The school bus met with an accident this morning...Thankfully nothing major but still students are hurt...." she said pointing towards the bus "It's so sad..isn't it?"

Ella nodded but the moment she saw the bus her heart sank. It was the same bus that Jamie had missed. It was a lucky escape. She stood there for a moment looking at the anxious parents, the injured students and the turned over bus.

"Jamie!" she blurted out suddenly and walked back towards the car to the side that Jamie was sitting. She placed her hands on the window and looked at her seven year old son and thanked God that he missed the bus today.

"Mom?" said Jamie as he observed her with a quizzical look on his face.

"You wanted to go to the zoo right?" she said as Jamie looked confused and nodded "Let's go then... Today we'll have a mother-son day out..what do you say to that?" and she planted a kiss on Jamie's cheeks.

"Mom are you alright?" asked Jamie "It's a school day you know!"

"Not any more...!" she said as she walked over to the driver's side and got into the car "So are you in for a fun day boy?"

Jamie giggled at this and nodded saying "Only if I get burgers and pizzas too..."

"As you wish honey!" Ella said as they drove off from the site of the accident. Though she felt bad for the other children, she was also glad that Jamie was not in the bus, that he had missed it. He was all she had and she couldn't bear the thought of even a scratch on him.

When they were at the zoo watching the giraffe Jamie tugged at Ella's purse and said "Mom it was good that I missed the bus today...I'm having so much fun..."  At which Ella replied "Yes honey I too feel blessed today!"

B is for the feeling of Blessing in Disguise....and that's the tone of today's tale...

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