A Reluctant Traveler's Dream Destinations

The letter for ABC Wednesday this week is N. So I thought why not take you through N with a list of 5 places I, Naba, would love to visit in my lifetime. Yes, this week's N is about Naba's dream tourist destinations. Let's see if my list matches yours, shall we?

But before going there I must reiterate that as a traveler I'm lazy and need to be literally pushed out of the door. I have sleepless nights worrying about not being able to  get sufficient sleep when I have to catch early morning flights. What a conundrum right? I know it's silly but what can I say! Until I reach the destination I'm cranky and irritated. The thought of leaving the comforts of my home to see a new city or town, isn't fascinating at all for me. Yes, you can call me the quintessential reluctant traveler.

But once I'm there the missing smile comes back mysteriously. And then I try and enjoy every moment at the destination I find myself in. That being said let me take you through my five dream destinations.

So there, these are the five places I would love to visit in my lifetime, some again and some for the first time ever.

Oh but wait don't go without telling me about the top 5 places you would love to visit.