The Little Red Book - VIII

First Part: The Little Red Book - I
Continued From: The Little Red Book - VII

“Uncle I have to go see him.” Cynthia was speaking on the phone walking up and down her room. She was restless. All she wanted was to be with him and see him.

I don’t believe I thought he was dead. He’s alive! Oh Good heavens he’s alive!

“Hold your horses Cynthia” said Uncle Banerjee annoyed. He never screamed or showed even an iota of anger in all these years that she had known him but tonight he seemed angry “How do you know she was not lying? Did you speak to him?”

“No but she said that she‘s calling from her home when he was not around for Sam thinks he’s being watched.”

“Cynthia…It could be a trap!”

“But how would they know the number uncle? Only Sam knew it. He knew the landline number!”

Banerjee Uncle was quiet for some time. She had a point. “Well it makes sense” he said still pondering.

“Yes that’s why I need to go.”

“But wait Cynthia. If they are watching him then they will be watching anyone he meets. And that means…Oh God they could have listened in on the doctor’s call. Cynthia. This is bad.”

She was quiet for a moment. He was right the call might well have disclosed her location.
“When did she call?” asked Banerjee Uncle “When?”

“Uh..about half an hour now” she said looking at the watch.

“Ok..Now you listen to me lady…” he said “Leave now. You don’t have much time. Whatever you do don’t go towards Sam now. It’s a good thing you are calling from your cell. They don’t have this number so this line is safe. Drive down here. I’ll be waiting at News Now Studios. Remember don’t stop, don’t look back, don’t pack. Just leave!”
“What? said Mortley “Where could she have gone?”

“We don’t know she’s not in Sam’s place also. We have been watching.” said Abdul who was on the other side of the call.

“Abdul this is not good!” said Mortley fearing that she had slipped again. “Abdul…you there”

“Mortley.. Whatever you are doing right now, stop and watch News Now” Abdul said as he hung up.

Concluded here.