The Little Red Book - VII

First Part: The Little Red Book - I
Continued From: The Little Red Book - VI


Cynthia was ready. It was time to put the nail in the coffin, to make sure Mortley paid. She would leave early morning and reach in time to go to the TV station with Banerjee Uncle. He had already arranged everything. They had approached News Now for Banerjee Uncle knew the Editor in chief of the channel, Mr. Swamy and he could be trusted.

Just a few more hours Sam and then I’ll end what we had started..

As Cynthia lay on the bed sleep deprived, her phone rang. She checked the time and it was almost 10 at night.

Who could be calling? I’ve already spoken to Banerjee Uncle. Did something go wrong?


“Ahh is this Cynthia?”

Who is this? How do they know my real name? Oh my God! They know where I’m!

“Wrong number…” Cynthia said and was about to hang up when the woman on the other side said “Wait…Please don’t hang up. It’s..It’s about Sam”

Cynthia stood there, the receiver in hand, as if she had been turned to stone. It had been so long since she heard his name out loud.



“What did I tell you?” said the tall, intimidating bearded man with a drink in his hand.

“Yeah! So what next?” asked a somewhat shorter man looking debonair in his Armani suit. They stood on the terrace of his pent house apartment looking at the city that was gradually falling asleep.

“See that’s why I don’t understand how they let you run such a big bank Mortley” said the bearded man.

“Abdul…It’s not the time for jokes”

“See we know the doctor called a number in Keolong. If I’m right she is there and so is the proof she had on you.”

“On us! On us for God’s sake!”

“Ahh… ya well”


“So my men are already on their way.”

“This time make sure they kill the bitch!”

Abdul nodded. They knew where Cynthia was. “Cheers!”

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