Never be too soon to Judge!

Write Tribe came up with a wonderful prompt this week. It reads 'A scrap metal dealer who bought an ornament from a bric-a-brac market to be melted down for its gold discovered it is a £20 million Fabergé egg after finding a Telegraph article online. Read more here.

Faberge egg
Attribution: By Petar Milošević
(Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0
or GFDL (],
via Wikimedia Commons
The first thing that came to my mind after reading this is the aphorism 'All that glitters is not Gold' and how sometimes it ends up being wrong. Sometimes everything is just as it seems, priceless and precious. Maybe we just need to look a little more carefully? Or, maybe take a look at life sans skepticism? After all miracles do happen as the scrap dealer would now vouch for. 

We as human beings are more often than not quick to judge anything that captures our imagination. It actually is an intrinsic quality in us, the level to which we do it varies from one person to the other. We either over-estimate or under-estimate the true worth of people, relationships or as in this case of an artefact worth millions. And sadly not all goof-ups in perception end up being as profitable as in the case of the scrap metal dealer in the news item above.

So it actually makes me think about the times I have been wrong in accessing the worth of a relationship, of the things that I have let go of for failing to realize what they truly meant to me. Don't you have these thoughts too? Well I do and they have become slightly more audible after this prompt. So this is what I want to ask you?

With an open mind,
No ifs and buts,
Can't we just let
Time be the judge?

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