K is for Kaleidoscope

I love Wednesdays! Maybe because we are half way through the working week or maybe because it's just the perfect day to bunk office to enjoy some alone time at home. The weekend is also nearer to a Wednesday which is an added advantage in my book. And of-course one of my favorite weekly prompts comes on the same day, yes ABC Wednesday! So you see why I just love this day of the week?

So this time the letter K is in focus and hence my K is for Kaleidoscope this week. Yes, a Kaleidoscope to Paris at night.

I was in Paris last weekend and I have to tell you that I have absolutely fallen in love with the city. It is mesmerizing to say the least. The monuments, the bridges across the river Seine, the art, the museums, actually everything just left me in awe of this city. But it was when I saw the city illuminated that I realized there just cannot be another Paris. And so I leave you here with a few pictures from my trip which I took while on a cruise on the River Seine. I hope you enjoy it!