J for Journey to Baldeneysee

So it's time for the ABC Wednesday post and the letter of the week is J. So here I go!

Sundays in Dusseldorf are about making those leisurely journeys to nearby places with friends and family. And the best part is that the transport services completely facilitate this. There are tickets and offers on which the complete family can travel. For example on a person's monthly ticket for a specific region his entire family, including a spouse and up to three children, can travel on weekends and holidays. There are also special deals for groups to visit different attractions and cities which is valid across trains, trams, ferries and buses at the destination. So with such travel friendly options available one can't help but make short new journeys, can they?

So taking the advantage of this, S and I made a trip to Baldeneysee. It is a reservoir located south of the city of Essen. Situated about 40 minute train ride away from Dusseldorf, it is a portrait of serenity. One look at it and you'll realize that it's the perfect place to just sit in silence and ponder on life.

Umiam Lake - by Vikramjit Kakati
Umiam Lake
Attribution: By Vikramjit Kakati (Own work)
via Wikimedia Commons
Page URL: here
Baldeneysee reminded me of Umiam Lake which is located in Meghalaya, India. Having grown up in Shillong, Meghalaya, I know how beautiful and mesmerizing lakes, reservoirs and waterfalls could be. You know there are so many beautiful places in the north-east of India, lakes like Baldeneysee too, but it's sad that most of India fails to acknowledge that beautiful part of the country. Otherwise, imagine how great developing the north east as a tourist destination would be like? Anyways, moving on.

So back to Baldeneysee. There are many benches spread out around the lake and I found them perfect for a day alone, a day of introspection perhaps. I know you must be thinking I'm so boring but what can I tell you the lake is perfect to just sit, to think and to write even. Honestly, it is a writer's paradise for one can listen to one's own thoughts such is the tranquility around the lake.

Swans and ducks glided around the lake. But the best part was when we saw two birds, not sure which ones, touch down on the lake and later take off together in perfect synchronicity. I wish I could have recorded that for you to see!

There were families out on walks or skating in the walking strip around the lake. There were kids cycling with their parents and grandparents. There was one kid who was riding his bike, not pedaling, but riding it with his feet. He rode racing with his grandfather smiling at everyone around. I wish I could have captured his picture for you all too see but you get the idea right.

I guess all in all it was a place where every one, irrespective of their age, could relax. There were restaurants around too to grab a bite or a drink when tired of walking around the lake.

To fairly conclude it was a Sunday well spent in the lap of nature and I'm glad we made the journey to it in-spite of the chilly weather.

So there J for me is Journey this week. Tell me about your Js.