A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal - A Tales Buffet!

When I read about the A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal in Vidya's blog, I wasn't sure if I would be able to come up with a theme at all. Honestly, a lot has been going on since then and I haven't really had the time to think about the theme for the Challenge.

Another hurdle, well at-least in my book, was the change of scene for me. I have always found writing from my home in Bangalore really easy with ideas flowing, sometimes too many at a time. But ever since I got to Dusseldorf for a few months, I just can't find the same flair to write. And honestly that's the reason why I'm worried if I can at all complete the challenge or not. Or, even worse what if I complete with a bunch of awful posts! Well your guess is as good as mine!

Source: http://writerlysam.com/
So coming to the theme, well here it is.

A Tales Buffet!

As part of the Challenge I'm going to write short fiction with one or more emotions beginning with the alphabet of the day as the central idea for the post.

Why should you read them?

Well think about it as a buffet spread with 26 dishes, all there for you to devour! 

From a five or seven sentence fiction to a 55er to a yarn with 500 words or something entirely different, there will be all for you to enjoy.

Now does it appeal to you? I sincerely hope it does!

But wait I have a back up plan too. Yes, you heard, or rather read, me right! 

And it's called A la carte to the rescue!

If I get affected by the drought that writer's block is instead of giving up I'll just fall back to my back up, an assortment of posts on random topics. That would be like a palette of exotic dishes from around the world. At-least that's the back up plan! Better to keep going then give up right?

And that's not all my friends, apart from these 26 posts for #A2ZChallenge, I'm also taking part in the Ultimate Blogging Challenge #BlogBoost. Yes, a challenge to blog for 30 continuous days.

So will you drop by and support me? I certainly hope you do for I need the pat on the back or for that matter even criticism to complete these challenges.

And if you are taking part in either one of the challenges or both don't forget to drop in your blog name and link in the comments section for I plan to feature all your blog links in my posts :)