Walking On Sunshine

“It’s beautiful…isn't it Dean?” asked Joan as they sat on the beach alone, against their car, basking in the morning sun, her head resting on his shoulders.

Dean, who wasn't looking towards the ocean or the sun, whispered “Yes..it’s beautiful indeed!” with his gaze fixed on Joan's silhouette against his, as he continued “Why do I have to leave?” with a quiver in his tone.

Joan raised her head and looking into Dean’s tear laden eyes she slowly placed one hand on his shoulder while stroking his hair with the other and said “Just a year honey…just a year. It’ll pass in a jiffy you’ll see… So don’t worry I’ll be right here waiting when you come back.”

“But what if I don’t Joan? It’s Afghanistan and if something happens to me who will take care of you and our little sunshine on the way?” he said while softly stroking Joan’s six months old pregnant belly.

“Nothing will happen. It’ll all be fine. ssshhh..come here” and as they hugged Joan, with her eyes closed, zapped her fingers silently behind Dean's back and the song ‘Walking on sunshine’, his favorite, suddenly began playing in their car’s radio bringing about a wide grin on his face.

Linking this to the five sentence fiction prompt 'sunshine' on Lillie McFerrin Writes Five Sentence Fiction  and to NaBloPoMo as well.