Unlocking Friendship

"Why didn't we talk to each other then...?" asked Stella wiping tears off her eyes as she continued "Look now we have wasted seven long years ignoring each other, not acknowledging each other's presence..." while Nikki looked on, tears flowing through her eyes as well.

Sitting side by side, holding each other's hands, the two friends wondered what could have stopped them from speaking, from being the best friends that they once were as Nikki continued "I shouldn't have left without talking to you. It was my fault.....Now that I look back at it, it seems so trivial...Stella I'm sorry...I should have tried to sort out this misunderstanding long back!"

"No...it was my fault too...The key to our friendship was our ability to let go of any ego on our part and just talk, cry and biker, but shed all inhibitions and move ahead together...." Stella said clearing her throat "but that year everything changed..And I can't even put a finger on the reason for it now...trust me it was my fault too Nikki..."

"I wish we had spoken sooner...So many times I wanted to just pick up the phone and give you a call but couldn't..." Nikki said "I just didn't know if my apologies could unlock the passage to those days when nothing could come between us."

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"You know what it's better late than never..." Stella said managing a smile on her face as she took out a key from her purse "Take this as a symbol of unlocking all the bitterness in our hearts...From this day on-wards no bad memories and no regrets..Okay?" and as Nikki nodded they went back to being best friends again but this time forever.


To all friends lost.. May we find it in our hearts, the path that leads to each other!

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