The Heart Wants Them All....

Sally sat teary eyed but she couldn't fathom why?

Everything was falling in place as she was leaving to be with her husband, Daryl, but still just the mere thought of the move made her anxious.

"Why am I feeling this heaviness within?" she mused.

Though being with him was what Sally really wanted, her heart desired the loving shade of her parents and sister as well in her life, all together in the same space.

She wished her precious four to be near her. Such was her desire that every-time she was with one she missed the other three, always. And it was painful.

Being away from Daryl had driven her to the brink of depression and now that she was about to fly to be with him, the excitement came with a sense of apprehension of going away.

What if her family needed her? Would she be able to come back in time?

She was the eldest daughter after-all and now wanted to take care of her parents, do something in return for the wonderful life they had painted for her.

Every now and then she wondered what could she do?

"How can I be with all of them and take care of everything for everyone I love?" was a thought that floated around continuously behind the veil in her subconscious mind.

But she knew it well that she was too late to change anything for that was how this voyage on earth moved forward.

Their lives on different flights, soaring high on the wings of duty and though together was what they needed to be, Sally knew all too well that each of them had somewhere else to be. That was the order of things down here.

She felt a pull towards all four but at a time she could only be with one.

Maybe that was what being a daughter, a wife and a sister, all rolled into one, felt like!

Drained, she needed the strength to go away for a few days and not feel guilty for leaving her parents and sister behind.

She knew they wanted the same too, for her to just be carefree and stop worrying about everything and everyone for once!

But it was hard for her for she couldn't let go.

In her heart she still hoped for a day when she had all the four, her sweet four, together.

Until that day though she prayed for them all to be happy, healthy and the rapport of their hearts to bind them in-spite of the distance.

"One day we'll manage to be in the same city, together. Till then we'll continue to be each others support, even though miles apart!" reflecting she finally got up from her seat and walked up to the check-in counter for a few days with the man she loved; after-all she couldn't live without him too.


I had written a five sentence fiction with the prompt 'strength' for Lillie McFerrin Writes Five Sentence Fiction but since I failed to publish it in time I've decided to add a couple of more lines and link this to Write Tribe's Wednesday Prompt 2014 - 7. Hope you enjoy it! 

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