My Oyster

As part of the Thursday Writer's Post Blog Hop #4, Suzy who blog's at Someday Somewhere has chosen 'Explaining the name of one's blog' as the prompt. So this post is my humble attempt at that.


2010 was the year when I had written my first blog post. It was a difficult time for me; a year when my husband and I were struggling to seek approval to get married; approval for a love marriage between an UP-ite and a Bengali. It was hard for there was a personal tragedy in S's family which complicated things. I have had such a sheltered life with my parents and sister (touch-wood!) that I didn't have the slightest inkling of what frustration or sadness were. But that year came as a rude shock, a year I would happily erase from my memory lane except for the fact that it was also the year that my blog was born.

During that time I felt burdened and resentful, so much so that I began picking fights with anyone and every one. I had become so bitter and negative that it was taking a toll on my health too, both physically and emotionally. It was then that my ingenious little sister created this blog as an avenue for me to vent out my feelings in writing. It would help me heal she said. And that's how my blog came into existence. Of course I began blogging seriously only in 2012 but that's a story for another day.

But before publishing that first post came the part of giving a name to the blog. Here's where I should tell you that I'm very bad at thinking of names, whether for new born babies or anything else for that matter. So naturally I felt lost. What could I possibly use as a name; as an identifier for my blog, that would make sense? It was a tough ask and I just couldn't think of anything reasonable. But then I also didn't want to spend a lot of time thinking about it, which I now think I should have!

So unwilling to ponder on it for more than a couple of minutes due to my eternal lack of patience, I chose 'Random Thoughts--Naba' as my blog's identity and 'nabanita-blacknwhite' as the URL. I just didn't give too much thought or time to the process which of course I sometimes repent now.

But it's not so bad, is it? Of course, I do know that there are hundreds and hundreds of blogs beginning with 'Random Thoughts', but it's alright. At least I have my blog, an integral part of my life, irrespective how common the name is. And Shakespeare did say what's in a name? My blog by any other name would still have been a reflection of me, right?

You know what the best thing about Random Thoughts Naba is? It has given me the opportunity to meet so many like-minded people from all over the world that otherwise wouldn't have been possible. Today the entire world is my oyster! What more could I have asked for?


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