Happy V'day S!

Dear S,

This is our 8th Valentine’s Day as a couple, of course the first 5 were all celebrated secretly but nevertheless. I don’t know where to begin for I don’t know if I’ll be posting this at all. Let’s just agree to take a call once I’m done with the last line, what say?

From the summer vacation of 2006, July 3rd to be precise, we began a journey together and look where we've reached. It’s wonderful, isn't it? Actually unbelievable is more our word, right? When I close my eyes and think about my Engineering College Days, only bitterness and angst float on top until you walk through the fog and then all that just vanishes. What can I say I found the best gift of life in the most unlikely of places? And admit it, it’s the same for you too!

From college to our training period, then our postings, months apart when I went to Sydney (where I still insist you forced me to go!) and then the dark period when everything seemed to be against us, we've gone through it all. And then fighting our way to holy matrimony around the sacred fire, we have indeed come a long way. Five years of courtship and almost three years of marriage, is by no means a trivial feat, right?

As clichéd as it sounds, I’m so glad that I chose you as my partner and not some neanderthal. Thankfully I was saved from picking samples of the latter kind who were found in abundance in our precious college! Imagine what would have happened if I married a man who didn't accept my dislike for cooking or my uncompromising aversion to primitive rituals. I would have run away or made that poor fellow run away by now! Thank fully it’s you! 

My anger and frustration, my erratic mood swings, trust me nobody handles them better than you. Now that I quite clearly established myself as a nut case with this last sentence, I must say that you are the one who keeps me calm, rooted as well. And you know how hard that is! So on this day my promise to you is that no matter what the circumstances are I’ll move heaven and earth to save our precious Marriage Certificate just for you S! After all, I still remember how agonizing it was to attain one with both our names on; and especially what you went through for it!

What else can I say except that I miss being bored together in the comforts of our home, watching movies with a drink in hand? After all these years I’ve gotten so used to you that being alone, something which I loved earlier, has become an ordeal, too hard to endure!

So come back soon, our favorites -Vodka and Beer -are already in stock and so is the wife who eats your head. The latter is ready not in stock, just to be clear! Also, I’m tired of eating at home. You know how much I like restaurant food, don’t you? And there’s no home delivery in this part of the city, which of-course you know too. Bottom line is, come back. Though I don’t promise for the nagging to stop but then again what’s a wife without that trait, right?

I hope you don’t faint after reading this, that too on the blog. But I thought this is the best gift that I could give you, with you being away, working in the cold winters of Dusseldorf. Also, because I don’t know how to send a gift there. Does Flipkart deliver there? Anyways, I don't think you need one as you have me and that’s enough gift for a life time, right?

Happy Valentine’s Day S. 

The Wife,
Your only wife,
Your Ex-Girlfriend
(The Boss at Home)