Gleeful Gs

The week goes by so fast, doesn't it? As if at the blink of an eye! It seems like yesterday that I had written about the Fs for the week and now see we are here again for another ABC Wednesday. Time truly flies!

So with G being the letter this time around, let me take you through my version of Gs for this week.

G is for Germany! Well yes I’m in Germany folks, with S finally. After waiting in vain for a project to turn up and for the company to pay for my travel as a dependent (that’s usually how it works), we decided to take matters in our own hands. And now I’m here in this beautiful place for at-least a month or two. After having worked continuously for 6 years, I think I deserve a little break. What say? (Honestly I'm also apprehensive about what I'll do the whole day without work! But I'll worry about that later)

G is for Giggles. Well since last week was full of frowns, it’s only fair that I make up for it with as much positivity as possible. So my mantra for this week is to smile, laugh and giggle as much as I can. After all who knows how much time I have on this earth? I might as well make up for lost time, for time I wasted away in loathing a man (read manager) who actually deserves not even a moment of my life.

G is for Grabbing the reins of my life. If there’s something that life has taught me over and over again, it’s to take charge of the situation to solve problems. No one can or will help and that’s the bitter truth. Family surely but in certain affairs even they can’t do much. So that’s when we have to just do what we feel right and hope that all goes well. This week I did the same and took away control from sadistic bosses for there’s only so much they can do to ruin my life. And I’m so glad I did!

So there, these are my Gs this week! What are yours?


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