It was a new day, the day of Mira's wedding, one that she had been waiting for ever since she first met Deepak, the man she now called her husband.

With vows around the holy fire it was finally time for the stars to serenade the moon, for Deepak to whisper sweet-nothings in to Mira's ears, to bathe in the glory of a passionate beginning but wait, instead of flower petals why was there a huge container of blue colored liquid on their marital bed?

Standing there, her clothes disheveled, Mira recalled how happy she had been a few moments ago basking in the warmth of love and the hope of a new life until a hell broke loose.

It was not euphoria she experienced but a nagging, burning sensation on her skin with tears gliding down her cheeks through fresh bruises and cuts.

She stood drenched in kerosene, beaten and frozen, clothes torn, with her husband dead at her feet, a knife covered in blood in her hand, the blue container, empty, next to him;  but ironically she looked most beautiful now, wounded; even more than she did when draped in expensive flawless fabrics moments ago.

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