Frowny Fs

It’s that time of the week again, the time for ABC Wednesday.

The letter being F this time around, let me take you through the seven days of this week through my Fs.

F is for Frustration and Frown this time around.

Assume for a minute that you have not eaten anything for a month. Yes, that kind of hunger. And then this man approaches you, on his own, and urges you to come to his house immediately to satiate your hunger. But just before that first bite he takes away the plate full of food saying there’s just not enough for you to eat. That he was wrong and he can’t feed you. Frustrating right?

Well I’ve been feeling that very kind of frustration this entire week. As you must know from my previous ABC Wednesday posts that my husband is in Dusseldorf. So I was looking for projects there so that apart from being with him I could also continue working. Of-course I knew it wouldn't be easy to get an assignment there. But then out of the blue this manager form work told me that I need to travel immediately for there’s an important opening in Dusseldorf. I was so happy. It was almost as if God had sent him to solve all my problems. I just requested a few days’ time from him to get the things at my end sorted before I travel. But he was adamant that I fly the very next day if possible. As a result of this, I even cancelled my parents’ tickets to Bangalore as they were supposed to visit me this week. I just thought that if I would be travelling there was no point in them coming all the way here to an empty house.

But you know what the manager did the very next day once I was all set to travel, when I went out of the way to change my plans? He came and told me that there is not enough work there that would warrant my move. Yes, that’s it and all that just overnight after close of Business Hours. It makes me wonder if he just did it for some sadistic trill. The not travelling didn't hurt me as much as the fact that I had to alter so many plans just because of his insistence on my travelling as soon as possible. Trust me it was annoying and upsetting to the core, still is. I just wish these managers realize that we are humans too. I hope I don’t become like him whenever it’s my turn.

So there these are my only Fs for this week – Frustration and Frowns.

Tell me about yours.