Book Review - Done with Men

Book: Done with Men (eBook)

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Author: Shuchi Singh Kalra

Rating: 4/5

About the book (From a note by the Publishers)

Kairavi Krishna is a travel writer and is urban, young and…single. After an unfortunate rash of loser boyfriends, she is pretty much done with men and ready to focus on her career. But her latest assignment, to cover Sunburn in Goa, packs more surprises than she bargained for. In the middle of partying, falling off her balcony, food allergies and ex-boyfriend encounters, can Kairavi actually have found her dream man—and given that he is her doctor—can he possibly be interested in more than her broken clavicle?


Indireads is a new South Asia focused publisher that is looking to revolutionize the popular-fiction genre. With edgy, contemporary and compelling fiction by new writers and its digital-only publishing model, Indireads is breaking new ground in terms of the reading experience and giving voice to new writing talent.
After 30 romance novellas launched in 2013, Done With Men is Indireads’ first rom-com offering.

Now for my view:

As the blurb says, Done with Men is a tale of Kairavi Krishna’s misadventures in love. A travel writer by profession, she finds herself in Goa on an assignment to cover the Sunburn Festival during New Year’s. But what actually transpires is a drunken escapade that lands her in the hospital. With a recent break up, a catastrophic beginning to New Year and a long line of meaningless affairs, she finds herself as disaster’s favorite child. But then walks in the tall and handsome orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Vivian, she finds herself falling in love once again. Only this time he seems different than the rest, a perfect gentleman. Is he? Does Kairavi finally find the elusive idea of love that she had been forever chasing in the sun kissed beaches of Goa or rather in the freshly painted hospital where she ended up swollen and hurt? Well now you would have to read this to find out wouldn't you?

Humor laden moments interwoven into a tale of modern day romance is Done with Men for you. The writing style of Shuchi Karla definitely does justice to the book’s genre which is romantic comedy. So that is one of the first things about the novella that I like.

I also like the way she has developed the characters, all true to their caricatures. Kairavi is shown as this modern day woman in love with the very idea of love. But she has her flaws, she makes mistakes, is jumpy in situations with her thoughts always on an overdrive. I liked her character the best and perhaps I was meant to for she is after all the protagonist of the story. And then there were the others Baani, Kapil, Vivian and Ravi, all wonderfully woven to the plot.

Maybe I’m on a roll these days or perhaps the stories I’m reading are exceptionally good that like many in the past week, I was done with ‘Done with Men’ in about four hours. It is a brisk read and certainly has the allure to keep you hooked.

So my verdict is that you should definitely give it a chance, a read. I’m certain you wouldn't be disappointed.

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