Ache Forever

Continued from Genesis? since many of my reader friends wanted another part :)

The moment the silver blade punctured through his flesh and blood gushed out into her hands, she knew it would be the beginning of a long, arduous journey; one laden with ache for she had married a psychopath, not a normal loving man.

In a matter of minutes Mira’s life changed from that of a newly wed bride to one who smelt of blood and kerosene; stench she knew she’d never get rid of.

She had just stepped into his abode, dreamy eyed expecting a night of passion but that’s when the mask dropped and instead of a bed strewn with roses, Deepak had arranged a bed of fire for her to lay in, alone.

She didn’t have the answers, there was no time to seek any for he had emptied an entire can of kerosene on her after thrashing her mercilessly and would have set her ablaze too if not for the knife she stumbled up on when shoved around in the kitchen.

A few days later it would emerge that Deepak had succeeded in killing not one but three of his previous wives, women just like Mira all across the country but they were not as lucky as her, though even this godsend break only promised her heart ache forever.


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