A Tasty Piece of Heaven

Linking this to this week's Theme Thursday, the prompt for which is 'tasty' - What do you think is the most tasty thing you have eaten?


I must confess I love eating out. Different cuisines in different restaurants, that’s my idea of a good time outside of home. And in that respect living in Bangalore does have its advantages with its great array of restaurants. I can truthfully proclaim that I have happily munched away to glory in a lot of them. Though there are a lot of eateries, bistros and cafes that come to my mind when I think about good food and good time, there’s however this one place that stands out, Yana Sizzlers.

Located in Koramangala, this quiet little restaurant has won me over more than once! It is a place where I can go day after day and still not get tired of it. Though it offers Chinese dishes and a large variety of desserts as options I personally can’t get enough of the main attraction on their menu, the SIZZLERS. And in that too the ‘Sizzling Chicken Sizzler with peri-peri sauce, rice and vegetables on the side along with mashed potatoes or french fries’ is my all-time favorite. I cannot even begin to tell you how happy I feel when the waiter brings the sweltering dish to the table. It’s just so tasty! And so eager I am each time to dig in, that often I end up burning my tongue. I relish and savor eating the sizzlers there; every morsel feels like a piece of heaven.

Here’s a sneak-peek for you! Now tell me what do you enjoy eating the most?