A Stolen Affair

"I think you should leave. I don't want my dad to find out what we are upto!" said Shivi as she lay curled up against Andy, eyes closed with her hand on his. She met him for the first time a few weeks back when he came to Mumbai from Sydney. They had been working in the same project for over two years but had never seen each other. Sparks flew the instant they met and then began a series of secret rendezvous.

"What's with you being so scared of your dad, you're a big girl!" said Andy, sleepy eyed as he slowly kissed the nape of her neck.

"You won't understand. We aren't supposed to.....you know.. do these things before marriage" she said "My parents would freak out if they found out about us."

"You know I'll be leaving day after" he said, now opening his eyes "I think you should come along too Shivi, take a transfer."

He waited for her to say something while stroking her hair and slowly she turned around to look at him. There was something between them, lust or love she didn't know, but she felt drawn to him like a leaf being carried to a distant horizon by the wind.

"Andy...I can't...I don't know what this is!"

"I know.. but don't you think we should give this thing a chance?"

"My parents would never agree!" she said breaking free and moving to draw the curtains. In the first rays of the morning sun she looked beautiful, her hair cascading upto her waist on her bare back. Shivi wasn't conventionally beautiful but she had an allure that made her attractive.

"Let's just take a month or two and see where this goes?" Andy asked sitting up. He was tall, so tall with broad shoulders like he had walked right out of a fairy tale sans the white horse of-course. And Shivi couldn't help but feel drawn towards him.

"You know this is all just attraction!" she said throwing her hands up in the air.

"Maybe it is or maybe it's something more. We'll find out eventually but for that we need to give some time to each other." and he walked upto her. She couldn't help but feel the connection. It was overwhelming. The proximity with him, his breath and the way her body felt entwined with his was made up of stuff written about in books.

"Hmm...fine I'll give it a thought. But leave now or I'll be disowned." she said pulling him closer and kissing him gently.

"Ahh... "he grinned and picked her up "Not so soon!" And they floated into each other's arms, their bodies uniting in passion creating a symphony together. But just then there was a knock at her door and then another.

"Shivi" called someone from outside. It was her father.

"Oh my God ! Dad! No one could ever know what happened here Andy! No one should! They shouldn't see you!" she said in a hushed tone with panic written all over her face.

"Shivi. Open the door" this time it was her mother.

"Don't worry. I'll leave. See you at the office" Andy said as he picked up his clothes and jumped out of her first floor balcony.

Shivi steadied herself, put on her clothes and then opened the door "What is it Dad?" she said rubbing her eyes as if she had been asleep all along but inside her heart was about to explode.

"We heard something, rather someone here. Was someone here? Tell us the truth Shivi" said her mother as she looked suspiciously around, opening the cupboard and then the bathroom door.

"Oh God! I'm going to sleep. Look all you want." Shivi said and went back to bed closing her eyes.

When her parents left, satisfied that there was no one in her room, she walked up to the balcony. To her surprise Andy was there on the other side of the road looking towards her. He hadn't left, instead he was there waiting anxiously to see if everything was alright. Seeing him worried about her Shivi realized that maybe this was not just an attraction, maybe it was in the stars.

As she stood unable to look away from him, her phone beeped with a message from him. It read "I think I'm in love with you. Come to Sydney Shivi. Please?" and he looked longingly towards her.

She smiled, nodded and replied "Okay. Sydney it is!"

Word Count - 750

Linking this to the Speakeasy weekly prompt, which is to write a piece in 750 words or less using the prompt “No one could ever know what happened here.” anywhere in the post.