You're My North Star Bright!

This post is for ABC Wednesday’s letter of this week which is Y and also for UBC Day 3.

Human Beings are strange creatures. Shackled to the heart they always remain; like stars knotted to the vast sky of emotions. So why would I be any different? The heart wants what the heart wants after all. Today compelled by the heart I feel like scribbling something right from the depths of it.

You, my North Star bright,
My heart’s shining light.
Well beyond touch,
My Love You go.
But our spirits entwined,
This You know!
Eyes vacant, barren,
They long for You,
And pictures banal,
Satiate so few.
What if I say
I need you here?
Would You,
Oh Would You then,
Come back
To me here?

My fellow Bloggers Richa SinghSuzy , Shilpa Garg and Muses From the Deep are also taking part in UBC. Drop in and cheer them too if you please :).Trust me nothing motivates us bloggers more than a comment from our readers!

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