Yes, the heart sees...!

***This post is for UBC Day 24 and Write Tribe's Wednesday Prompt 2014-4***

Your mother calls you when you are an emotional wreck. But you haven’t told her about how miserable you feel. Still she calls.

Your husband hugs you out of the blue when you are standing in the kitchen. Something has been bothering you, an argument in office. He doesn't know that. But he still surprises you with a reaffirming hug when you least expect.

Your father calls you suddenly at night and asks if you are alright. He doesn't know that you've been crying the whole evening, hurting. But he knows something is wrong and as always reassures you that with him around you are safe.

You call your sister and she’s quiet. You hear sobs on the other end. She didn't tell you that she needed to talk. But you knew even without knowing.

Your best friend visits you when you are lonely. No, you haven’t told her that you are not really liking being by yourself. Still she comes.

These things happen, don’t they? Often thought of as coincidences, I think they are in reality something else altogether. Neither flukes nor a work of luck. They are the universe’s way of expressing that your loved one needs you. You don’t hear it, you don’t see it. But you simply know. It’s the heart. The pumping, beating heart which makes you do the right thing when you least expect, which makes you see without even seeing. Does it make sense? I guess all I’m trying to say is sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye. In fact, it even listens to those silent whispers.

Those tiny threads of emotions that we weave around relationships reach out for us. Sometimes it's subtle while at times it comes as a strong feeling that can't be shaken off. Yes, certainly the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.

I see you,
You see me,
Through our hearts,
Entwined we be.
Miles apart,
Far from sight,
We’re together,
In every fight.
Separate beats,
Though might be,
Our hearts see,
All obscure pleas.

Write Tribe

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