When the City Sleeps

This post is for UBC Day 8.

Late in the night,
At the break of dawn;
Not a soul in sight,
Lights too withdrawn.

Parked; carriages inline,
Kipping; beasts in disguise;
Curtains on casements recline,
Queer calm; hued dusk comprise.

Grasping murky skies,
Lanky, wistful trees;
As lovers beguile,
To sly touch appease.

When the city sleeps,
Silence in reach;
Muzzled purrs heaps,
Serenity besieged!


My fellow Bloggers Richa Singh , Shilpa Garg and Suzy are also taking part in UBC. Drop in and cheer them too if you please :).Trust me nothing motivates us bloggers more than a comment from our readers!