The Little Red Book - V

First part: The Little Red Book - I
Continued from: The Little Red Book - IV 
1 year back

“So I got you this. Here” said Sam as he pushed a box towards Cynthia.

“What is it?” she asked picking it up.

“See for yourself. I’m not telling you” They had moved from Bangalore to Chennai about a month ago. It was Cynthia’s idea. She had heard from Banerjee Uncle that Mortley’s men were looking for her. In fact, more than her they wanted the proofs she had told Inspector Mohan about. It was a miracle that at the last moment Sam has told her not to take the proofs along, just in case. That turned out to be a blessing in disguise. But then they had to keep it safe.

“Oh wow a book?” she said after having removed the wrapping paper. It was a small book, red in color, placed in a red paper outer covering.

“A book or not! Take a closer look” Sam said as he walked up to the safe behind the wall painting and took out the cd with the recoding and the files on Mortley.

Cynthia looked at Sam confused “I didn’t get you. And why are you taking those out?”

“Here let me show you” he said taking the little red book in his hand. He removed the outer cover, moved his fingers to the bounded side of the book and pressed a small hidden button. The top cover of the book opened and there was a compartment. Cynthia looked on in awe as he put all the evidence inside and again closed it the same way. “This, no one will suspect” and he handed it over to her.

“Wow! You are a genius Mr. Rodriguez!” and she hugged him.

“I know! What would you do without me Mrs. Rodriguez?” and he laughed.

“Well I guess I’ll never find out and by the way I haven’t become Mrs. Rodriguez yet” she giggled.

“You will soon!”

They had begun to feel safe. So far nothing untoward had happened. There were no bomb blasts or terrorist strikes as the imminent attacks were discussed and debated on news channels so much that Treeazej must have abandoned the idea for now. They had even purchased a bungalow in Keolong under an alias Mili J in case of any risk to their lives. Also, they would fly out to Australia next week and from there release the video. That way they would be out of reach of these people.

“I love you, you know” said Cynthia hugging Sam.

“Yes. And I do too. Now I know you are sleepy for your eyes are blood red Madam. So go sleep, I’ll join you in a while.”

So Cynthia went upstairs, tired she fell asleep quickly. It was when she was peacefully in slumber that she heard a vague ring at the door and after that an outrageously loud bang, bang, bang and then her name!

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