The Anti Hero

This post is part of UBC Day 20.

Snarled spokes of wheels,
In loops we twirl.
Latched onto a chair,
Decrees draconian glare,
When the ghoul reemerged,
In tow with an heir,
Down poured despair,
Down poured despair!

Smother verve he deems,
Shackle souls within,
Nefarious presence,
An eye kinked at edge,
To enslave and slay,
Every mortal mere,
Masked a great man,
This villain here!

My fellow Bloggers Richa SinghShilpa GargSheethal and Suzy are taking part in UBC. Drop in and cheer them too if you please :).Trust me nothing motivates us bloggers more than a comment from our readers!