Tempest of Pain

This post is for UBC Day 6.

In stormy breeze,
As all joys cease.
Freezing nights,
Of awry sights.
Those turbulent seas,
Of her lost pleas.
Trampled blossoms,
As life's held ransom.
Buried in blood; a broken glass,
Tinged red; her hopes alas!

In Deserted streets,
Those bare defeats.
Overcast skies,
Weeping, tear laden eyes.
Those withered trees,
Wailing heart's debris.
Shredded leaves,
Of lost love she grieves.
Swamped in rain,
Oh her tempest of pain!


My fellow Bloggers Richa Singh, Shilpa Garg and Suzy are also taking part in UBC. Drop in and cheer them too if you please :).Trust me nothing motivates us bloggers more than a comment from our readers!