Never Again!

This post is for UBC Day 14.

Have you ever done anything that was completely out of your element? Something that you wouldn't have otherwise done in a million years. But still ended up doing it for some odd reason. I know I have! But now come hell or high water I am never going to repeat that again!

It was a little over two years ago. S and I were on our honeymoon in Mauritius. It was there that S made me take the undersea walk; something that I wouldn't have done if anyone else would have asked me to.

Yes, you had to waltz here out of all the places on mother earth!!
Of the long list of things that raises the hair on the back of my neck, being underwater comes first. My fear of water bodies is so intense that drowning is a recurring nightmare. I don't know how to swim so you can fathom the reason behind my panic. My first reaction to S's suggestion of taking an undersea walk was a big no! But S being S was adamant that I face my fear. Of-course, it was easy for him to say for he neither feared heights or in this cases depths.

In-spite of my arguments he urged me to come on the boat that was to take us away far from the beach to the point where we would be taken under water. My heart was in my mouth, I was so scared. But the people around assured me that I didn't have to know swimming for it; that I would be safe. Young and old alike on the boat, all were excited about the walk except me. I didn't want to go but S wanted to experience it with me. Out of all the occasions he had to find that one thing to do as a couple in which I would be at my wits end. There was no way however that I would turn him down. Silly I know. But then people have done sillier things for love, haven't they?

I don't want to feed the fishes. I want to get to the shore!
So I said my prayers and took the leap of faith. It was beautiful but scary. I felt that at anytime I would fall and water would rush into the head gear. There were colorful fishes all around but it was the enormity of the ocean that made my heart sink. Consider the irony! And of-course there was the photo-session where I had to smile which I tried my best to do. But only I know how terrified I was!

God this man is not scared of anything!
The funny thing was all through the walk I feared being drowned and S feared that my terror of drowning would actually result in some calamity. Once on the boat having successfully averted any mishaps we realized that though the moments underwater were spent in apprehension by both of us, there was that underlying feeling of love in it. I did it for him and he couldn't really enjoy it out of his concern for me. Yes, strange way of expressing love I know! But that's us.

S trying to stop me from falling sideways!
Having said that I'm never going to do it again. Never Again!  No more romance underwater, whatever needs to be done has to be up on the ground not in water or high in the air. S's next plan is to sky dive but after the underwater experience even he has realized that our moments should be confined on land.

This was about something I did which was completely contrary to my nature; something I would never do again. What about you? Have you done anything like this?


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