Little did she know!

This post is for UBC Day 18 and for Write Tribe's 55 on Friday 2014 - 1 , a prompt for 55 Fiction. 

Prompt: Little did she know

I have written 3 55 Fiction stories on the prompt. Hope you like them! It's my first attempt :)



It was Sam who made Tessa go weak in the knees. Sam, her first love!

It had all started when she began tutoring him. However, she didn't have the courage to confess these feelings. What if he says no she thought.

But little did she know that Sam felt the same way about her too.


Giving Up

'He's getting married!' Reha sighed. Looking beautiful in a fuchsia saree, she fought back tears and reentered the party.'You gave up Shiv' she lamented.

Just then her reverie was broken.

"Reha" said Rajat "You look beautiful".

She smiled and walked away. Little did she know that Rajat would never give up on her.


Future Foretold

When Nita was 3 her mother found her in the midst of other children narrating the story of a ferocious tiger.

Her mother smiled then seeing her little princess weave stories out of thin air.

But little did she know then that 30 years later her daughter would become one of the greatest storytellers of all times.


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