Let's Dance!

This post is for UBC Day 10 and also for ABC Wednesday: Z is for Zenith prompt for this week

We all have varied obsessions; obsessions which make us happy. Fixations which add ZING to our strides! After all, life is all about our passion, our ZEST to live while doing the things we love! For me one of those things is dancing.

While writing adds magic to my life; dancing helps me overcome blues. I have fancied dancing from the time I was in pigtails. Infact, I found my best friend while boogying to a ZIPPY tune on my very first day of school. As a matter of fact, dancing has helped me find some of the gems in my life, queer but true. My first serious dance performance on stage was when I was in the 3rd standard. Ever since then I was up on the arena every year; performing and falling hopelessly in love with this rhythmic symphony called dance.

My first ever dance performance on stage
My inclination towards dance had led my parents to enroll me into Kathak classes. There I learnt with fervor postures, mudras, tukras, todas, bols and those ZILLION compositions that make up this dance. And before I knew it, I had been swept off my feet by it. To this day those certificates from Lucknow’s Bhatkhande University are among my most prized possessions.

But then life happened, studies had to be given more importance and I had to give up my Kathak training. Nevertheless my ZEAL for dance still continued burning bright. With the passage of years, the stage performances too reduced but I didn’t need those to dance, did I? I didn’t need a platform for practicing those graceful twists and turns. Just as wine, my love for dance kept growing. And why not, for the first compliment I ever received from my husband was for a dance performance in college. Like I said, dance has always been a generous giver for me.

Moments absorbed in dance, feet tapping and hands swagging are euphoric for my soul. I have danced when lonely, with eyes full of tears. And trust me it felt good. My husband and I also have a signature dance step that we do; especially when bored out of our wits. And those crazy dancing sessions at home with my sister and her friends; how can I forget those? All of it make me smile every time, which trust me is a luxury in this stressful life!

Today I dance when no one is looking; when I’m alone or down. And every time I groove, every time I sway the world just becomes a tad more bearable.

For me every single droplet of distress dissolves with dance. Does dance do that for you? Does it take you to the ZENITH of happiness too?

Colored lights,
Adorned divine,
Flashes bright!
With blossoms fine.
A cheery sight,
Of dancing figures align.
Euphonious night,
In sways entwine.
And souls excite,
When feet opine,
A swing tonight;
To Dance refine,
Just one last time!

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