If I became a millionaire!

While writing a recent post of mine, I traveled down memory lane to a point in time when I was still in school. And I saw myself standing in the auditorium full of juniors, seniors and teachers. And all of them were looking at me in rapt attention as I was to give an extempore speech on the topic ‘If I suddenly became a millionaire!’ But I failed. Not because I didn't know what to say but on account of being crippled by nerves. I still remember what I would have said if it wasn't for the dread of speaking in front of a packed audience.

So I thought why not write on that very topic as a reprieve to the school-going me standing head down on stage.

So here goes!

If I suddenly became a millionaire, I would first faint in shock!  Apart from those amusing lottery emails that go directly to the spam folder or the messages from unknown numbers, the possibility of my suddenly becoming a millionaire is rare. Rarest of the rare if I may say! But if the Gods of fortune decide to smile upon me someday then perhaps I could wake up as the female version of Scrooge McDuck; with a swimming pool of gold coins you see! Or, perhaps I would inherit a lavish mansion from some long lost uncle of mine, growing into an old hag within its walls.

On a serious note, what would I do? Well first of all I would stop going to the kitchen the moment I am ordained a millionaire. There should be some perks of being one right? Since I absolutely abhor cooking; what better way to start my Richie Rich days than saving myself from the woefully tough task of cooking?

The very next item on my list would be to build a salon at home. Living in the outskirts of town with 5 days of office and 2 days of sheer laziness, I have almost stopped going to parlors. My fear is that one day I’d wake up looking like a scary ghoul. And for that a salon is what I need and a salon is what I’d build.

And then I would gift myself that dream home with a library of the world’s best fictions. Just thinking about a wall to wall library extending high up to the ceiling is a warm feeling, isn't it?

Shopping sprees with my sister and mom would be next on the list. And then of-course I would visit every restaurant in town with husband dearest. I would fly out every weekend to be with my family, eat home cooked food and tease mom with the help of dad.

Maybe I’d go on a world tour and sample different cuisines. That would be a great thing to do. Some charity too considering it is God’s charity that would have given me that in the first place.

Since ordinarily I just stay at home curled up with a book or watching one of my favorite crime thrillers on laptop, I can’t quite put my hand on the other things I would want to do. Any suggestions?

Maybe I’ll resign and do something with my own money! Yes, no 9 to 5 job would be a good start, wouldn't it?

Tell me what would you do if you suddenly became a millionaire?