First Sight...

On a beautiful summer evening Naina spotted Shami walking towards the college gate where she stood with her friends.

In a maroon shirt, sleeves folded halfway up to his arms, and a faded jeans he looked handsome, as if out of a Hollywood flick.

The first sight of love as pure as the azure blues.
Hypnotized, she couldn't hear what her friends talked about, her eyes involuntarily followed him, his face and those irresistible broad shoulders.

She felt all the sensations she had read about in books; butterflies in the stomach, knees go weak; cheeks flush, as she first set her eyes on the love of her life.

But she didn't know this that he had seen her too, that he felt the very first sparks of love at that very instant too.


This post is my entry for Lillie McFerrin Writes Five Sentence Fiction.

The prompt for this week is: SPARKS.

I learnt about if from my blogger friend Anita's post. She is an awesome blogger, do visit her posts and shower some love :)
Lillie McFerrin Writes

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