C of C's

This week on ABC Wednesday the prompt is the letter C and here I’m again with the C’s in my life this week.

So here goes.
C is for Catharsis

This week my sister decided to pay me a visit. So starting this past Saturday we have been having what we call our very own Sister’s Week, our emotional Catharsis really. We often tend to do these things just for the heck of it. I remember we had our very own Sister’s Day once. It was when we were in school and had managed to save around Rs.1300 from our pocket money. I think December 13th 2002 was the date. It was fun. After our Crazy day we walked the whole way back home from the Town Center, which believe me was a long, long walk. We didn't even have money left for cab fare after the shopping spree we had that day. So this week has been all about two sisters getting together and talking about everything, anything till the wee hours of morning.

Well, something tells me this week the C’s are going to more or less revolve around her.

C is for Cooking

As soon as my sis landed at my apartment she insisted on Cooking for me and I let her! But then there’s that nagging big sister side to me that just couldn't let her go trotting around alone in the kitchen. So there I was sitting in the dining area keeping an eye on her every move, out of a very motherly feeling of-course. But it seems my ‘watch’ made her so nervous that she ended up making the worst Cauliflower Dish of her life. I don’t know if it was my being there but the dish surely was a disaster. So at the end of that day the Cooking department came back to me while she settled comfortably as my assistant.

C is for Cinema

When my sister is with me we end up watching loads and loads of movies. This time too we have watched at least 10 movies so far and intend to watch even more before she leaves. From boring flicks like 'Our Idiot Brother' to interesting ones like 'An Education', 'Hope Springs' and 'The Lone Survivor' we have been churning out one movie after the other from our ‘To-Watch’ list. So it has been a week of varied Cinematic Experience for us if I might take the liberty to say so.

C is for Clothes

Since we are of the same size, well more or less, we exchange our clothes every time we meet. Thus we end up with a new wardrobe at no cost at all. This time too she brought me some of her clothes and I gave her some of mine. And of course, what’s a Sister’s Week without a shopping spree. So out we went with the mission to buy awesome clothes at slashed rates, this being the Season of Sale. But fortunately or unfortunately we came back with bags of clothes at usual rates. Not our fault really, whatever we liked was just not on sale!

C is for one too many Cat-naps

We are essentially the laziest sisters there are. So our favorite pastime is to lay on bed with our laptops and television on. You can imagine what that would lead too apart from two couch potatoes? This lethargy of ours has resulted in so many cat-naps in between movies or sitcoms that I think I've exhausted my quota of sleep for some time!

There these were my C’s of the week. What about you?

UBC 29

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